About school

Vilnius Gabija gymnasium was established by Vilnius City Municipality in 1986 and it was a secondary school back then. In 1993 it was  named after the Goddess of Fire  ‘Gabija‘. In 1997 the school was awarded the status of a gymnasium.

There are  three schools under one roof: primary, lower secondary school ( basic ) and gymnasium. Every year about one and a half thousand pupils attend  school. Therefore,  there are  two shifts.

Gabija gymnasium is a modern, continually learning community, open for positive changes and innovations, cherishing its members and fostering their constant need for knowledge and the best use of potentials in life. Our priority is focused on  academic activities. It is a constantly learning and cooperating institution, characteristic of   modern, cosy and safe environment. It is important to educate a responsible person who is studying systematically and seeking for their  personal development. The teachers are professionals in their subject and teaching methods. They also  improve their skills and educate a student with the appropriate moral values, skills  and responsibility.

The mission of the school is to provide qualitative and  consistent secondary education as well as miscellanious extracurricular activities; to assure the fulfillment of the  duties defined  in the school educational contract. The task is to nurture a responsible educated  pupil  able to act independently in the modern informational society, to cherish a desire for life-long learning and to help gain the necessary competencies for life.

To teach and to learn, proficiency, partnership, personal and social responsibility are the values  and priorities of the gymnasium.

The school participates in different kinds of both state and international projects. Almost every teacher has been involved  in this type of work.

There have been students and teachers‘ exchange programmes with  Denmark, Germany, Sweden and Russia. Gabija gymnasium participated in Comenius Multilateral School Partnership and carried on the multicultural project „The Science, Culture and Economics of Europe’s Land“ together with 12 countries partners the Uk, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Germany, Romania, Norway, Czeck Republic, Bulgaria. For a few years in turn ( from 2008 to 2012) our school had a close relationship with some North America state schools having video discussions based on democracy in education. The USA Vilnius Embassy was very helpful to facilitate our video meetings. Also our students participated in some i EARN (International Education and Resource Network) projects. We  showed the world the heritage of Old Vilnius certified by UNESCO and our students created  a short film of a unique time in 2012 what we were busy with at 12 minute 12 hour on 12 day 12 month.

The agreement of the latest international project of the partnership with Herning gymnasium in Denmark for the  year 2016 – 2017  was signed in March 2016. The project is aimed at the   students of both countries  to exchange information in English about the most important political and historical issues  using modern technologies,  to raise political awareness discussing  the urgent problems in the world.

Vilnius Gabija Gymnasium
Pašilaičių 13, Vilnius
Telephone/fax: +370 270 3140