App ‘Discover Vilnius’

At the start of the project ERASMUS + “HERIT APP” a lot of attention was paid to the development of an original and unique app for tablets and phones. It required a lot of effort not only from its developers and administrators but also from all the participants in the project who made sure that the app did not run out of content in all four languages. Vilniaus Gabijos gymnasium alumni Dovydas was of great help for smooth and efficient development of this app. I must admit that I gained valuable experience building this app and had an opportunity to contribute to the development of ‘Discover Vilnius’. Obviously, it was inevitable to overcome obstacles, to achieve the goal and launch the app. Despite the fact that we faced such difficulties as the operation of the audio recordings, finding the location of the objects and the operation of the app itself in the operating system, developing of this app was a compelling, involving and meaningful activity.


Lukas II a