Pirmasis projekto „Equal and different“ nuotolinis susitikimas

Balandžio 26 d., 15.30 val., visi projekto „Equal and different“ dalyviai susitiko nuotoliniame pokalbyje. Mokiniai ir mokytojai iš Lietuvos, Italijos, Ispanijos ir Graikijos trumpai pristatė savo grupes bei mokyklas. Po to mokiniai dirbo su savo šalių grupės nariais ir kūrė dainas apie draugystę. Susitikimo pabaigoje mokiniai skaitė savo dainų žodžius. Po susitikimo visi asmeniškai balsavo už jiems labiausiai patikusią dainą.

Informaciją parengė Ema, II a

Today, on the 26th of April, 2021 the participants of the project ‘‘Equal and different‘‘ from Italy, Greece, Lithuania and Spain took part in an online meeting. Students  introduced themselves by making a welcome speech, were engaged in a group activity to create a song about friendship and share the lyrics with Italian, Greek and Spanish peers.

Let’s be friends for today
Or the rest of our lives if you want to.
Let’s make memories full of mistakes, 
we will remember only the best ones.
Friends are equal and different, 
but that’s what makes them friends.
All that matters is that they stick with you till the end
Honesty is key, later you will see.
Communication is the best, 
really helps you to get your thoughts off your chest.
But you have to see which friendship are real and which ones are not 
The real friends will never leave you in a though spot