About school

Vilnius Gabija gymnasium was established by Vilnius City Municipality in 1986 and it was a secondary school back then. In 1993 it was named after the Goddess of Fire ‘Gabija’. In 1997 the school acquired the status of a gymnasium.

Vilnius Gabija gymnasium is a modern continuously learning community, open for positive changes and innovations, cherishing its members and fostering their need for knowledge and the best use of potentials in life.

Vilnius Gabija gymnasium is focused on the academic activities and educating a responsible and initiative person who studies systematically and seeks for their personal growth gaining IT and social emotional learning competencies. Vilnius Gabija gymnasium provides quality secondary education and promotes lifelong learning opportunities as well as a wide range of extracurricular activities. Teaching and learning are based on proficiency and partnership of the community, involving personal and social responsibility.

Vilnius Gabija gymnasium participates in a wide range of national and international Erasmus+ projects which make a considerable impact on the development of the community  engaging students and teachers in diverse educational activities, improving skills of the foreign languages (English, French, German and Russian), sharing and gaining experience.

The most significant goal of education in Vilnius Gabija gymnasium is aimed at improving students‘ skills of self-management, social awareness, decision making and team work.

Vilnius Gabija Gymnasium
Pašilaičių 13, Vilnius
Telephone/fax: +370 270 3140